For sending and receiving the parcel from one place to another place, we use a courier. There are many courier service providers around you that help you to send and receive goods, letters, important documents, and other important things domestically as well as internationally.

All the courier providers are charging for their courier services as per the weight and distance of the parcel.

Before digitalization, to get the advantage of any courier service we must visit its office. But thanks to digitalization, we can be booked and paid online for our parcel. As we know, you can find many courier providers around you, but from them, Blue dart is the best and global courier DHL provider.

Blue dart courier helps you to send your courier in the domestics as well as an international market in economic rate. In India, there are more than 34,200 branches of this courier service and it is active more than 220 countries. On-time delivery with valuable service is the main reason behind its growth.

Here are some benefits of using the domestic priority service of Blue Dart Courier. Before using this courier service let’s know the common benefits of these services.

Domestics Priority Services Benefits of Blue Dart Courier

A blue dart courier understands the value of your time and because of this reason, it covers a long distance speedily without compromising the safety. Domestic Priority Courier Service of blue dart courier is specially designed to offer fast courier delivery service in case of emergency. This benefit of courier service provides your below-given features.

Real-time tracking:

Using Blue Dart Courier tracking feature one track their courier’s real-time position. You do not know how to track the courier then you can contact blue dart support.

Provide Delivery in India:

The service of Domestic Priority provides courier delivery services across India. Using this feature, one can send their courier very fast in part of India in case of an emergency. To know the locations of the blue dart courier you can use location finder.

Free computerized proof of delivery:

After the parcel successfully reaches the destination, send can get the proof of delivery with the name of the consignee with the date and time of the delivery.

Free pick service from your location:

By using a blue dart courier service, one can get the facility to free pick up your parcel from your location. Not all service providers provide this service, but if you choose a blue dart then you are lucky.

Regulatory clearances:

Blue dart expert team resolve your regulatory requirement and obtain required clearance from all the states in India.

Well, that’s it. I hope you will find this blog is important especially when you are looking for the best domestic courier service providers. To track any courier you can visit Using this site, you can easily track your courier without so many efforts.

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