The severity of burn can be known by examining how deep it has affected skin. If the burn looks severe, then it’s recommended to visit a doctor. If he thinks the burn is severe and cannot be treated at home, then he/she will send you to a burn specialist.

Home Remedies For Burn

There are a variety of remedies that people can follow. Also, there are many remedies that people think can be used, but should never be used. Some of the most common remedies that are used in almost all households are listed below.

Run The Burned Area Under Cold Water

Running down cold water on your first or second-degree burn for at least 20 minutes can cool down that area and soothe the affected skin. This is the most common remedy that helps you to stop the pain and prevent further damage.

Clean The Burn As Much As You Can

Once you run down the affected area through water, it’s now time to clean the burn now. Clean the burn using just mild antibacterial soap and water. Never use a scrub to clean burn, it will worsen the situation.

Over The Counter Medication

Now that you have cleaned your burn properly, it’s time to apply anti-burn cream. Creams like efaderm cream and burnol can be used to heal the affected skin. Applying cream may prevent infection in the wound and help heal it faster.


After you have applied cream over the affected area, you know have to cover the wound with bandages. A bandage acts as a protection against dirt and infections.

It is important to note that never directly place sticky bandages right overburn. Use a bandage that does not stick the skin and always dress bandage around the burn loosely as it’s important for some sir to pass through.

Stay Out Of The Sun

Long exposure of the burnt area to the sun may activate the burning process again. So it is recommended that you stay away from direct sunlight. Still, if you want to go outside, wear loose fittings clothes around the affected area to cover the wound.

Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has special herbal properties and is used for almost every skincare treatment. It is anti-inflammatory and promotes blood circulation. It also has anti-bacterial properties and therefore can be used to heal burns.

These were some of the common and easy to use home remedy tips that you can acknowledge in order to heal burn injuries. If anyone suspects an infection, they should immediately consult a doctor.

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