No one needs an explanation about emoticons. As we know, the growth of social media is increased day by day and because of this growth, the fame of emojis are playing an important role in our daily communication. People use emojis to express their mood via emojis not via text when they chat with their friends and loved ones.

Many people found that it is the best way of communication and it becomes an important part of digital marketing. As per one research, emoticons icons have great benefits including your conversion rate, boost push notification open rates, and many more. Below we list out the benefits of emojis in your daily life. So, if you don’t use emojis in your daily life then read the benefits and start using the emojis in your communication.

Importance of Emoticons in Your Daily Life

Why do we use Emojis?

Improve Customer Service:

Emojis are one of the most effective ways of nonverbal communication and because of this, one can improve customer retention. Emoticons can easily denote your expression and reduce the chance of miscommunication. The use of emojis in your communication creates personalized effects, show empathy and avoid negative responses from the customers.

Boosts Customer Engagement:

If one of your friends sends hi and it may be possible that you will not respond. But instead of sending a text if he or she will Naughty smiley faces then your chance of responding will increase. The main reason behind this is that your mind recognizes pictures or emojis as nonverbal information than verbal communication. Because of this reason people more likely to respond via emojis rather than a text message.

Boost Conversion Rates:

Using emojis in the push notification can increase the conversion rate. As per digital marketing expert Neil Patel use of emojis in your marketing increase your conversion rate and customer engagement. To boost your conversion rate, you can send push notification using emojis as a media marketing strategy to increase your conversion rate.

Help to Increase Social Engagement:

Using emojis in your messages, you will get more traffic. Daily more than 30% of people use emojis many times in their communication and increase their social engagement by 77% year by year.

Express our Mood:

Sometimes we find it difficult to share our mood with our friends and loved via message. But using various emojis and their facial expression you can easily share your mood with someone without any chance of miscommunication.

Make Workplace happier:

We know the negativity effect in email, which is the phenomenon that a recipient is likely to perceive an email as more negative than email sender. So, instead of using the only text you should use emojis in your mail or message. By doing this, eliminates the negative effects about you on the receiver and conveys your message effectively.

Not only this, but there are so many other benefits of emojis that can help you a lot in your daily life. So, if you do not use it in your daily communication then start using this in your communication from here.

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