Crystal Helping You Improve Engagement With Candidates.

One of their biggest daily concerns is how to engage talent successfully, according to the users of our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment program. And if you’re anything like them, you’ll love our recommendation for our first tool: Crystal.

This Chrome extension, officially known as Crystal Knows, analyses public data to tell you precisely how to communicate with various individuals across a variety of networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.

Take it from Questy, it’s extremely accurate

Contactout For Hard-To-Reach Email Addresses & Contact Details

Ok, so this is one of the most precise email finding tools we’ve found besides Rapportive and Prophet.

In short, ContactOut will immediately locate any candidate’s personal email address and phone number from their LinkedIn profile often by automatically scanning other social media sites and the wider web using an AI engine.

Good part? All emails received are checked triple and reliable to 97 percent. WIN-WIN!

ContactOut also allows you to easily export LinkedIn profile and contact details to either a CSV or a Google tab. Oh, and some heavy recruitment hitters in the industry have endorsed it.

Sourcehub-Everything You Need To Source.

Ok, we couldn’t do a list of useful free recruitment assessment tools without mentioning our very own SourceHub-an exclusive one-stop-shop for sourcing! If you’re struggling to use Boolean to construct more successful searches, then you’re going to LOVE SourceHub. SourceHub rejects the need to use Boolean by introducing taxonomies to carry out extensive searches for you, based on very little data. For instance, if you need to find potent candidates on 15 different social networks, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,, and GitHub, all you need to do is enter the title of the job you are searching for, the qualifications that the applicant needs to have.

The Gender Decoder- Not To Decode Your Gender

Ensuring that your pre-employment tests are free of gender bias. Looking to enhance the balance of genders within the organization? Who are not these days!

But you did know that your job ads are one of the best places to start. Do they appeal to women, as well as to men? Is the language which you use too masculine or too feminine? Find a digital copy of your last job advertisement. Highlights the text, right-clicks it, and copies it in full. The Gender Decoder will then tell you if your job ad is feminine-coded, i.e. if your job is written with more of a female candidate-or male-coded leaning